Remote Committee

We had a fascinating conversation with the team about staying productive when working remotely.

Photo by Dan Barrett on Unsplash

Working remotely is an integral part of Uncut's culture.

At the same time, working remotely is difficult and new for many of us. That's why we've set up the Uncut Remote Committee.

This committee meets weekly to discuss, brainstorm ideas and propose decisions and actions to implement around different topics we may face at Uncut. The committee is open to everybody (employees, contributors, contractors...). Its objective is to improve the way we experience remote working at Uncut.

Recently, we discussed the difficulty of staying productive when working remotely. Staying focused when you work from home can be challenging.

Here are few ideas and recommendations we came up with, let us know what you think:

  • Having a home office or using a co-working space: we have come to the conclusion that it is mandatory to have a full office or at least a dedicated workspace that allows you to focus when working from home. If you don't have space available at home, you should consider renting a private office in a co-working space near your home.

    Suggestion: Ask each collaborator if they have such a space available at home and we will find alternative if that’s not the case. Also, this question will be added to our recruitment criteria as well.

  • Know yourself: working remotely allows you to adapt your work to your personal pace. Some of us are morning birds and some are night owl. Regardless of your preferences, it's important to figure when you’re at your best and schedule the tasks that take the most focus during those times.

    Suggestion: Run a survey on Slack to ask everybody what moment of the day they are the most productive. It's important we all understand each other pace.

  • Structure your day: working remotely is "intense". It requires a lot of self-discipline and setting and sticking to boundaries. This is critical to staying focused while working from home.

    Suggestion: Establish clear working hours and let your family members and friends that even though you’re home, you don’t have time for unlimited socializing.

  • Limit distractions and notifications: when you work from home, It’s easy to get distracted by the constant influx of breaking news and social notifications. Checking out what’s happened every time your phone beeps can divide your attention, making you a less productive.

    Suggestion: We recommend to remove all notifications during working hours.

  • Make lists: even though they seem a little old school, keeping track of all your to-do’s will help you stay focused while working from home, and also provide you with a starting point at the beginning of each day. That list will serve as a daily reminder of what has to get done.

    Suggestion: Revisit the Town Hall notes to make sure you are on track with your weekly objectives.

  • Stay active and healthy: we all recognized the fact that physical activity is important. Lack of movement is not only bad for your body but also your mind as it can cause your brain to become sluggish.

    Suggestion: We recommend you to schedule in a daily workout or even just a walk in your agenda (when you are the less productive). This not only keeps us physically well but also allows for a mental refresh so we can maintain focus throughout our workday.

We will get distracted from time to time, and that's okay. Staying focused while working from home can be a challenge, it takes structure and perseverance. Being productive is not a goal, it is a consequence. The goal is to understand your personal work structure and stick to it. You will achieve productivity by sticking to your own discipline.

Carlos - founder and CEO