Product Update #4

Multiple hosts and episode covers, oh my!

Quick Reminder: At, we are committed to deepening engagement with podcasts. We want to break down the walls that traditional platforms have built between podcasters and their audience and transform what has traditionally been a very one-way, static experience into something immersive, interactive, and augmented.

After focusing so much on the Uncut player, we felt our podcast episodes could use a little TLC. Why not dress them up a little? This update isn't just about cosmetics, though. Covers help sell your episode and are a great tool for listeners, too. They provide more detailed information on an episode's content and provide an overview of member activity surrounding it. Once start integrating more social functionalities, this cover will really hit its stride.

Since podcast episodes often feature multiple hosts and/or guests, we’ve made sure podcasters have the ability to add this extra layer of data to episodes. (Once we release basic a big new feature code-named "Visual Stories," you will get to see where all this fits in!)

Finally, we continued improving the overall UX with clearer navigation, more polished animations, and some better handling of Safari iOS.


The new episode cover is designed to be your episode's landing page. We wanted to give podcasters a way to highlight essential information in their episodes and also showcase some of the social activity around them.

Episode Covers now beautifully showcase:

  • Basic details and episode descriptions

  • Hosts and speakers

  • A summary view of reactions from listeners

  • A preview of the list of listeners (access to the full list is next)

  • A preview of the list of conversations (access to the full list is next)

When listeners are ready to hit "play," we'll reveal the player and let the show begin. (All of this will make a lot more sense in the coming month, we swear 😉)

Listeners will always be able to return to the cover while an episode is playing if they wish, without interrupting the playback experience.

Stay tuned.