New Direction November: A Sneak Peak of Our Latest Prototype

Your podcast is a series of moments, and that's what makes it beautiful.

At Uncut, we're convinced of one thing more than ever: a podcast is more than just content. It's a community of passionate, like-minded people with whom you share moments. Those moments are rare — a unique combination of personalities and zeitgeist — and sometimes iconic.

They stay with us — lodged in our memories. But what do we do with them, really?

Just a few weeks ago, we celebrated that designing for audio comments was our first "product fail." It was the wrong direction for the right reasons — a way to create interactivity around podcast content that created chaos and forced us to reflect. How do we tame that chaos in a more intelligent way? How do we design something that creates value for the podcaster AND her listeners, both passive and active? How do we leverage that value to improve promotion and discoverability?

We started thinking of this concept of "cards."

The mission, vision, and values of Uncut haven't changed. Our goal is still to create novel interactions between a podcaster and their audience and to free creators from traditional platforms. We're excited about the limitless creative and economic potential that will be unleashed when podcasters truly own their content and their business.

But the primitive we're using to get there has changed.

Instead of the audio comments — which can be hit or miss depending on the day — we're focused on the moments embedded within a podcaster's content. Those hidden gems that are lying static in a vast sea of 2M+ podcasts and waiting for someone to bring them to life! You might consider moments like chapters of a book: they're an opportunity for creators to both showcase their content and make it more navigable for the listener, who can then share that moment with their social network.

Or maybe one day... buy it?

More on that soon. ;)