I've been thinking a lot recently about active versus passive listening. One of the main reasons couples end up in therapy, we're told, is to feel heard. My partner might be scheduling an appointment as I write this — last week, when he said something to me and I kept staring at…
What's new in product this week?
We had a fascinating conversation with the team about staying productive when working remotely.
When does a show transition from "content" to "community"?
Uncut.fm is quite a peculiar company (or maybe just a post-covid startup...)
As Chris Hayes says in his beautifully-written New Yorker essay: "on the internet, we're always famous." I stumbled across his essay via a Substack pos…
From attention to ownership
I spoke to you last week about tiered friendship and Project 2220. It refers to a relatively modest goal: onboard 20 engaged contributors into our Disc…
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